I painted Maleficent on my nails because we are going to Disney in August ! I would’ve painted sleeping beauty but I didn’t think I could do her justice. Here she is

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I am planning doing more Disney nails so keep checking back.


Easy Barbie Slouchy Beret and Caplet


Easy Barbie Slouchy Beret and Caplet
Barbie can never have enough accessories

Yarn:Red Heart Hot Red
Difficulty: Easy
Hook: I used J or 5.5mm

Pattern for Beret:

Round one:Chain 2
half double crochet 6 join with slip stitch

Round two:Chain 2 half double crochet 2 in each stitch slip stitch

Round three:Chain 2 half double crochet 1 in each stitch in front loop slip stitch

Round four: Chain1 single crochet decrease 3 and 3 single crochet around
Tie off


Chain 18
Half double crochet in each stitch
Chain 3 treble crochet in each stitch
Tie off add contrast yarn or ribbon to fasten caplet in a bow

Mickey head appliqué


We are going to Disney World for my 12th birthday and I have decided I needed a necklace that was inexpensive and durable. So I wrote this free pattern for a Mickey head appliqué that you can use when scrapbooking, making jewelry, decorating clothes or basically anything.I would suggest (since I love Disney and don’t want to be sued) not to sell anything you make with this pattern or the pattern itself.

Yarn: DMC embroidery floss ( shown in color 3716)

Skill level :Beginner-Easy

Hook :US size 1 / 2.35mm (tapestry needle helps for finishing )

The Ears (make 2)
Round 1:make adjustable ring (or desired ring method) chain 3
And double crochet 15
Slip stitch in beginning double crochet
Tighten ring if using adjustable ring
Tie off and weave in ends

The Head
Adjustable ring( or desired ring method)
Chain 4
treble crochet 17
Tie off and weave in ends

Finishing : sew together into Mickey head shape (I put the ears behind the head) and then just use creatively

Jacqui and Friends

Hello everyone  – I would love to tell you all about my nonprofit business Jacqui and Friends. At Jacqui and Friends I crochet and do other general crafts (with the help of friends and family) and sell them to benefit Heritage Humane Society and the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank. Some things I have recently been working on are dish cloths, butterflies, and rose earrings. If you would like to buy anything and/or get more information please leave your email address in the comments section. Thanks for reading , Jacquelin

Free pattern jumping shells lace


I wrote this simple little pattern one day that almost reminds me of lace ,so I named it jumping shells lace . I personally think if you made a long string of it it would look pretty as a belt or possibly a blanket edging,there are many possibilities .

Jumping Shells Lace

Materials :
Yarn (I used red heart)
Hook that works with your yarn (I used US size H)

Skill level : beginner-easy
*please note this pattern is written in US terms . Please do not sell my patterns, however you may sell anything you make with it.

Foundation :Chain a multiple of 25
Row 1:Sc 6 in chain nearest to hook.
(skip 6 chains and single crochet 6) repeat the directions in the parentheses to the end.
Finishing : cut ends and weave in ends and use creatively