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Easy Barbie Slouchy Beret and Caplet


Easy Barbie Slouchy Beret and Caplet
Barbie can never have enough accessories

Yarn:Red Heart Hot Red
Difficulty: Easy
Hook: I used J or 5.5mm

Pattern for Beret:

Round one:Chain 2
half double crochet 6 join with slip stitch

Round two:Chain 2 half double crochet 2 in each stitch slip stitch

Round three:Chain 2 half double crochet 1 in each stitch in front loop slip stitch

Round four: Chain1 single crochet decrease 3 and 3 single crochet around
Tie off


Chain 18
Half double crochet in each stitch
Chain 3 treble crochet in each stitch
Tie off add contrast yarn or ribbon to fasten caplet in a bow