Mickey head appliqué


We are going to Disney World for my 12th birthday and I have decided I needed a necklace that was inexpensive and durable. So I wrote this free pattern for a Mickey head appliqué that you can use when scrapbooking, making jewelry, decorating clothes or basically anything.I would suggest (since I love Disney and don’t want to be sued) not to sell anything you make with this pattern or the pattern itself.

Yarn: DMC embroidery floss ( shown in color 3716)

Skill level :Beginner-Easy

Hook :US size 1 / 2.35mm (tapestry needle helps for finishing )

The Ears (make 2)
Round 1:make adjustable ring (or desired ring method) chain 3
And double crochet 15
Slip stitch in beginning double crochet
Tighten ring if using adjustable ring
Tie off and weave in ends

The Head
Adjustable ring( or desired ring method)
Chain 4
treble crochet 17
Tie off and weave in ends

Finishing : sew together into Mickey head shape (I put the ears behind the head) and then just use creatively


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